Let Me Tell You

Oh how times have changed. . .

Replaced crayons with dull pencils

Leaving no time for butterfly stencils

My 10 year old self, saw as essential.

It was essential to be line leader,

To get one-hundred percent on my spelling tests,

And never get picked last for dodgeball.

I wanted nothing too small.

As my tight pigtails followed my sway

Every kid in my class screamed "Happy Birthday!"

Sweet sorbet lined my lips 

Lips which would soon find themselves recieving some tips,

No longer getting birthday wishes

Because those kids who came to your party

Are now doing drugs in their kitchens

Oh how times have changed . . .

Replaced pointless arguements about who gets the jump rope

To now standing up for my beliefs and giving people hope

I now stand for what I believe in

Because what I believe in is this . . .

Children should only worry about the small things

Weither unicorns are real

Or if they will grow up with tall wings

I speak out to say I have changed 

And how my 10 year old self would agree.


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