Let Me Speak

Thu, 05/22/2014 - 14:17 -- Kate2
When you tell me
To "speak my mind,"
Don't assume by the silence gracing your ears
That I have nothing to say.
People always
Jump to conclusions,
Falling into the trap
That has ensnared many before them.
Just because
I don't immediately start babbling incoherently,
People decide
I'm not going to speak. 
Just because I want to take a minute to gather my thoughts,
People think they can just talk over me-
"She wasn't gonna say anything anyway."
Who decided
That other people can say
When I will or will not speak?
Who gave them the power to decide
For me
Whether or not I'm allowed to take a second and
Before I start talking?
Who made the call that says
You have to speak immediately
Or forfeit all rights to speech?
Who says
I'm not allowed to put together 
A coherent thought first?
So when you tell me
To "speak my mind,"
Sit down and 
Be quiet for a change.
Let me


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