Let me Get Home to Feed my Kids

Shouts in the streets again
My pulse wakes from its slumber
With all risings, it says "amen"
Oh Lord, just let me get home to feed my kids

Colored signs in broken windows
Sharpened blood cells bleeding from slattened souls
For every man I see a widow
Oh Lord, just let them get rights to feed their kids

Plastic covers over wordless signs
I let them protect me although I know it's wrong
No heart in their laughter--their justice made of crimes
Oh Lord, just let them get time to feed their kids

Burned slogans who lost the war
Yank signs from their windows
Shut their fingers in the door
Oh Lord, just give forgiveness to their dead kids

Not a fighter nor a soldier
But they threw me from this store
Another battle for the women who get closure
Oh Lord, just give us suffrage to feed our kids

No right to get home from work
Without stumbling on glass
This is why i run against you, jerk
Oh Lord, just let me get home to feed my kids

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