Let me breathe

Let me breathe  Living in this world trying to walk to a straight line ,  light my green swisher as I write these rhymes The messages are hidden in plan site but I still fill blind ,  lemme pause for a minute Ima take my time  You wanna take my shine , you wanna stop my grind , thinking of the old days when you use to be mines  So can I please re-wind  (Let me breathe) I make these songs do to heart breaks , heart so cold so you can't  relate, you been a fake  You been lie , you hide your love in deep disguise,  so this song right here for the important minds  (Just lemme breathe)  Take a small sip of the poison, in my head I can hear your voice and , it's screaming please don't go Shoot my love arrow but it missed your heart like a bad free throw  Weed smoke, is the only thing that take my pain away , baby please just stay .... and then walk away...   (Let me breathe)


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