Let. Me. Be.


Here’s some things you need to know about me:

My name, Phoenix, says it all

I’m a ticking bomb of emotions waiting to blow

I’m not sensitive, just confused

About what to say,

What to do

Seems that everyone knows what their purpose is

Except me

As my favorite TV character put it:

Well it's just,

Princess Luna raises the moon,

Princess Celestia raises the sun,

You protect the Crystal Empire,

And all I seem to do is smile and wave...”

When I was young,

No one ever seemed to credit me,

Help me to find and support my dreams

What is my purpose?

Then, I found it!

I wanted so badly to become an engineer,

But not understanding the math,

The formulas,

The numbers became my greatest fear

Now, I’m stuck with marketing

I’m stuck with the sorry job

Of people targeting.

My parents said I followed others

How ironic that it was them I chose to follow

In turn, giving up

The thing I cared for and loved

The most

I’m lost in the hustle and bustle of the voices that

Surround me, drown me, push me down because

It’s a pain for them to listen to me.

My head is spinning,

The memories coming back to haunt me

The choices I’ve made have burnt down my life

They’ve created the night-like soot that tries hard to

Envelope me, filling my throat;

Choke me, suffocating my lungs;

Snuffing out the last spark of hope that’s inside;

It buries me in its darkness

Adding pressure to crush my soul.

I struggle to break free, until

I free and spread my wings

I rise from the ashes, standing my ground

The whole world goes silent

Except for one sound

My voice bellows in desperation

For I’m tired and fatigued from all the pain the world has caused me

“I don’t want to be my biologicals,

I don’t want to be my parents,

I don’t want to be my sister,

I want to be that innocent girl

Surrounded by the magic of ponies, love, and friendship.

I want to be heard,

I want to be seen,

I want to



“So sorry if I offend, but

Those clingy-natured or airheaded boys?

They just ain’t my thing

I’d rather have that nice European guy over there

The cool one with the green eyes and the wings

“No, I don’t want to stand in front of a large audience

Talking about heaven and how we should reach her,

So on your list of things for me,

Just go on ahead and cross off P-R-E-A-C-H-E-R

“Quit suggesting what I want and what I should do

Trying to live your life through me isn’t cool.

I want to be loved by the person I love,

I want to be an engineer,

I want to learn.

There is no more fear.

I am going to change the world.

“And I quote:

‘That is the role I am meant to have in our world!

The role I choose to have!’

“Because I am the firebird

I am the Phoenix”

And that’s all you need to know…




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