Let Me

Let me never forget

The time we spent

Out beneath the cold starry skies.

Let me remember

Those moments of September

When friendship bloomed into something unexpected.


Let me know

When you go

So I may mourn these short lived happy days.

So I can see

That fallen tree

Lying at my unwashed bared feet.


Will you forget?

How I left

Crying and wishing for one more touch?

Will you remember?

How in December

You broke my heart but kept my love?


Can you know?

How these tears flow

And how I hold my pillows too tight

You let me free,

So that I could be

Something I always was: a fallen but rooted tree.


I will never forget

The time we met

In a life so very far away.

I shall always remember

How in the month of September

We cooked bagels on the campfire.


I’ll let you know

Before there is snow

When to call out my name again.

All that can be

Between you and me

Are the roots of this fallen tree.

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