Let The Love Happen

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 19:21 -- kay5


One day done 

another to be found

let this one be gone forever

from the minds of those around

let them see the despair and troubles

let them see me fumble over

lying flat against the wall 

oh is this the end of it all?

all the weight pushing against my heart

would this pain be considered art?

I hate to think of those who leave my life

giving up from all the pain and strife 

I was once there to help and show you love

the deed me no good

for the pain transferred

left from you to me

oh I should've known this is how it would be 

alone in the dark 

you're a shadow 

you're a thief 

a thief of hearts nonetheless 

sending my heart into a dark recess

making me drool and gawk

tripping over myself like a baby learning how to walk

well that was then and this now

oh I should've known this is how it would be 

once you were brand new and dandy

I would be left behind like an old piece of candy

you look my way sometimes but turn at first glance

sometimes I think to myself 

I wonder if that was your or my last chance

for happiness

for love

for love brings my heart back to life 

it brings back the pain and strife 

all the worries and emotions

the symbols of a lovers devotions 

a love that I wish could last forever 

but alas was not meant to be

farewell to you and your worn out heart

I should've known this is how it was going to be 

a world without love 

for you

for me.




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