Let It Go

“let it go”;

let it go doesn’t exist for me,

not when i walk the same halls

as you, breathe the same air,

share the same friends


people don’t understand

that if i was to “let it go”,

i’d go with it


“let go”

of the hope i have,

when it’s all i have?

you might as well

push me off a cliff


“let it go”, when my brain

only works in terms of

“out of sight out of mind”?

when you’re never out of sight,

because you’re always on my mind?


“let it go” how?

you tried to hurt me

and you were successful;

go ahead, take pride in the fact that

you broke someone, take pride

in the fact that the wounds you left behind

won’t heal, take pride in the fact that,

when they do heal, they’ll be tattoos,

not scars, because scars will fade,

scars will “let go”


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