Let It Be Beautiful

Mon, 04/22/2019 - 13:31 -- Tyana.

Let It Be Beautiful

By: Tyana Aitofele

Rumors stain impressions like blood on the walls

Yet, it can all wash away as the ocean does the sand


Tears tear down even the strongest walls

Yet, it can cleanse the bad blood and the nightmares like a flood


Challenges bully us out of our own universe surrounding us in its cold grasp

Yet, it builds warmth and comfort in our success to say, “ Game on.”


Let it be Beautiful.

Let the rumors fly freely knowing it’ll fall like darkness does when the sun shines

Let the tears come rushing down knowing that it’ll wash away the dirt and reveal our flawless selves

Let the challenges dare make us suffer knowing that it’ll only give us strength and power to reveal truths


So let it be beautiful, I say.

Let the truth be beautiful in our pure virtue

Let the smiles be beautiful in our unique display

Let the success be beautiful in our daily blessed heart and soul




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