let the heart out through your fingertips.

if i could be anything in the world, 
free of bindings and seeking only my heart 
and happiness, 
i'd be one who 
fills the world with their heart and imagination.


to let yourself flow freely 
become who you are in essence, 
thought, and heart. 
to given the most intimate 
parts of yourself 
to the world. 


to show those, 
what you see
through your eyes. 
to show the world 
a different mirror. 


beauty, in all it's purity, 
love, life, pain, religion, freedom 
all in it's pure essence of heart and mind. 


to say that i could give something
to the world, 
so that i can leave something 
for those to come 
besides my bones for the earth. 


if i could be anything in this world, 
with pure joy and every ounce of my heart, 
i would be a liberator, 
a politician in spirit, a preacher in imagery, 
a teacher of the heart and soul, 
i would bring tomorrow to today, 
i would be an artist. 


i would be all that i am 
with the utmost
and infinite passion. 


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