Let the Filter Fall

I let the filter fall

off of my image

off my all


I let the filter fall

into the dark of the past

I can't even here it's call


Underneath the filter's wrath

Stood just me hidden in the lie

At the end of the filter's dark path


Behind the sheen of the filter's light

Stood just me alone 

In the darkness of a bleak and terrible night


I yearned to see the day again

Yet that filter held me back from it

Stuck in the sin, the sin of lying over and over again


Every picture I took with that filter

brought me again and again

just one step closer to the end


But from that filter though

I broke fee

From the terrible fruits it had to sow


I broke free at last


From the filter's terrible grasp


And now I see clear again

The world is there

For me to live in 


Away from the worries of self conscious thought

Away from all that 

The bright light of confidence brought


Not from the filter's frame

Or from others

The confidence came


But from faith in myself

From the hope in my heart

From my great spiritual wealth 


Living in the light of the new day's sun

Away from the dark of the filters terrible grasp

I learned something, something fun


I learned life is not about the way we look

Where we're from

Or what path we took


Life is about being free 

From the worry 

Of the filter's terrible plee


Go not unto the Filter's seeming safety

For despite it's beautiful and wonderful shell

The beginning of doubt and self loathing hides there waiting


Waiting for another to inevitably fall

But if we stand up together in our own unique and beautiful ways 

We can live in the light away from it all.


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