Let Down Your Hair

On the streets of Lost Angels In the red riders hood There lived a woman that was pure from her mane to her blood Her hair was not silk nor blonde nor cascading It was the kinky coarse curls that were tamed by braiding It ran the length of 10 Impalas at least But she kept it locked in interlacing strands up high on her head instead of past her feet Her and her hair were one in the same One bridled by a tower the other contained by those braidsShe was ashamed of her curls She tried blowouts and straight perms She tried irons and relaxersBut her curls would not pass herHer hair had a quality sent from the heavens It would grow curly and never be threatenedShe would sit on her knees and pray to be released But her texture would keep Those with hair that had no twist would try to pull and clutchShe thought of getting a sign that said "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH"This poor fair woman entangled in ringlets and coils Was spiraling down into her own foil Some days her head would throb from the tight hair roped atop her domeAnd she would cry in her tower because she felt so alone Then a day came where she heard a soulful song outside the towerIt sounded of a woman, of a queen, of powerShe walked her mahogany legs to the ebony windowShe peered out the glass ever so slowAnd she saw a sight singing, only made for God’s eyesShe saw a sight that would make a sinner cryThe sight had coffee skin Harmonies spilling out from ample lipsWithout a care And gargantuan hairIt was picked out and tricked out And orb of hair It made her want to flip out She could not help but stare “Hello down there! Miss with the hair and the lips,Can you tell me how you walk around like this?”The sight answered“I do it with my heart and my hips I hit the block with all I got and I never missI took out my weave and I let my soul breathe And now I feel the world in my hands and my self hate under my feetAnd you should do it tooSoul sister release your hair!That tower ain’t stopping you You are the one keeping you up there.”With that she winked, blew a kiss, and strutted on She made our soul sista realize what she should have known all alongSo she untied those braids until they were a river of wavesShe granted her locks love that others never gave  Threw her hair out of the window giving it to the wind She was still inside the tower but this is where her freedom began 

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I LOVED it!!! So GOOD! 

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