Lessons of love

Wed, 10/02/2013 - 23:31 -- Ampiaw1

The first day of school, your starting to drool

He seems so perfect, he seems so cool

red as a rose trying to hide, 

Why in the world are you feeling so shy

palms are sweaty , shortness of breath ,

wishing you took extra time to get dressed 

Looking for all the courage inside

but wait here he comes and he says hi

one simple world and those butterflies

a silent prayer thanking god , 

scared to speak , you begin to nod 

he takes you out ,shows you about

your heart is pleading, please look out 

you get in that bad though your conscious said,

Your only a freshman ! Use your head 

weeks go by , the hurt won't where off

mom always wonders about my new tops 

To scared to show, shame lies underneath 

this baby can't grow if I don't eat 



oh, how well so many can relate..


Thank you ! 

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