Lesson on love from a friend

A poem about love inspired by you.  One day I met a girl whose name was Nicole . She spoke so loudly and proudly man she was on a roll. Through the days and months that ensued I thought man I am one lucky dude . This girl certainly had her share of trials and tribulations which made me so amazed to see her beutiful creations . To be her friend provides support and enjoyment to no end. She's lend you her shirt so that you wouldn't hurt . Her life lessons come in the form of deed and a word she has no problem telling you your being absurd. With her you always know where you stand . I see it now H P and Recovery could be the name of her band.  Love comes in many forms and is often misunderstood. But at its core there is a healing that comes from this feeling. I wouldn't be stealing to say that's what friends are for. No matter what type of day or mood I'm in this chick can always put on a positive spin.she is there for you in both day and night to say in her own special way michael it will be all right do the work and in time you will see the light.  Love ..........

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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

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