Less Traveled


United States
32° 6' 59.5836" N, 91° 47' 34.224" W

I am not just one
To sit and bask in the sun
I fight for what's mine
And that all works out just fine

Many will succeed in this
I doubt I will even make the list
But I choose to fight
I attempt to hold the light

If i can get out there
The profits I will share
I truly try the best I can
But all I am is a fan

If I make this a win
I will share with the closest of kin
The news will travel far
Maybe even to be a new star

But for now I stay low and not at my best
So others can easily challenge and win his test
I can say I gave it a try
This way that I don't lie

Many think they are better
it makes their heart flitter
Let them believe as they want
There are many who will taunt

So all I will say is to give a shot
To the less fortunate and the blot
The ones who can't write
And also those who lose the sight

Don't give up on your dream
For things aren't what they seem
Stay on that path and you will find
That other's paths will wind

I offer this advice as a friend
And good tidings I do send
Listen if you truly do wish
For the prize is on your dish

Just try your hardest and never give up
After all, the money is in your cup
Just fight for what is truly yours
After all, your ceiling is someone's floor

Prove your better and your worth
Take the challenge and give birth
to a truly epic creation
and don't let your abilities fall to starvation

Write like no one is able to know
Write like the beauty of "The Crow"
Write the best because you will win
Either that or poetry will say FIN


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