The Lesbian Who Loved Me

Inspired by true events

For Camile

I remember the secretary who once worked at the office.
Camile was a beautiful and curvaceous lady.
She complimented me on my formal attire.
One day she gave me apples and candies.
And she would touch my head to get my attention.
I asked her if she loved me and she said yes.
She really thought I was a handsome man,
But there was a serious problem that I could not handle.

She told me frankly that she was a lesbian.
And she said she thought I knew about it,
But I did not even suspect she was gay.
If it had not been for her unnatural sexual orientation,
We would have had a better chance of becoming lovers.
She had no experience of sleeping with a man,
But it seemed that she wanted me to make love to her.
At no time did she resent the idea of being with me.
I thought she was planning to change her gay lifestyle.

Her shameless behaviour shocked me.
I could not tell she was a lesbian by looking at her.
She looked like any ordinary woman.
Her sexual preference did not show on her face.
Camile’s kindness drew me close to her,
But I lost interest in her when I learned the truth about her.
One evening she invited me to a gay nightclub,
But I politely declined the invitation.

Her sapphic lover was a tomboy and a cyclist.
And she would pick her up after work most evenings.
I did not like the way that ugly girl looked at me.
My former sexy co-worker loved me,
But the news that she was gay saddened me.
I was prepared to compete with a man for her love,
But a woman prevented me from getting her.
She embraced me the day before she went to Florida.
And I have not heard from her since then.


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