Leon, My Pride and Joy

One smile from this little boy makes my day
No matter how bad of a day I've had,
He can make me happy again.
Whenever I'm sitting in lecture and get bored of class I remind myself that there is a little boy at home-
Who is the reason I am pursuing my education.
He is my pride and joy.
He makes college bearable.
His name is Leon.
He is my little boy and he is my reason that I look forward to graduation college.
I look forward to him yelling, "Mommy!"
When I am up on stage receiving my diploma.
College may be rough, but Leon makes me happy enough to continue on.
Nobody understands just how proud I am of being his mother,
But I hope they understand on the day of graduation.
Because... after all he is my pride and joy
And I want to make him proud to have me as his mother.


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