The Length Of My Hair Is None Of Your Damn Business

You told someone to tell me that you miss me and you long to see me,

But I can’t accept that because you know where I live and you don’t visit me.

It seems that you have a problem with me because my hair is long.

Well, if you don’t like me with long hair, don’t like me with short hair.

The length of my hair doesn’t make me a bad person.


I feel this way because I’m the same person with or without my hair.

Pay attention to your own hair and stop gossiping about me.

Judge me by my character and not by the length of my hair.

If God didn’t want men to have long hair, he wouldn’t have made men grow long hair.

For example, God made men grow beard, but he didn’t make women grow beard.


Here is another example; some male babies were born with a lot of hair.

God didn’t make scissors or shears to cut hair, mankind made these things.

So the idea of trimming the hair doesn’t originate with God.

Mankind came up with this foolishness about cutting the hair.

I don’t trust people who claim that God told them something.


Nobody can prove the teaching that God told anybody anything.

Men and women write books of rules, but they can’t write the conscience.

Deceptive teachings can’t change my inborn conscience.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t waste your time and criticize me,

But I’m saying that the length of my hair is none of your damn business.

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