Lend A Hand


On average, human beings are 80% water,
So when a body of water churns into a storm
Coming onto land crushing land, bodies and homes
It’s as if though your own white blood cells have turned against you.
Just 8 years ago,
Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans,
Blindsided it and beat everything in its path.
Today we say that the damage is still not reconciled.
There are still houses missing the people that make them home,
Still bodies lost along the shore,
Still mothers waiting for their children,
Still husbands mourning their wives,
Still families whose lives will never quite be the same.
So when a typhoon, whose winds were ten times faster
Than Katrina’s ever was,
Hits the shores of an island home to man,
We should send aid ten times faster than we did,
And prayers ten times faster than that.
I am not an alleged man of God,
But I can hear the cries of my neighbor three doors down
As she gets the news that her only brother has drowned.
And in that moment I wished I could answer
Every prayer ever shouted.
All I ask is to give whatever you can.
A dollar, maybe ten,
I just hope that your love for money,
Does not outweigh your love for man.
And I understand that sometimes you need to save
Every penny you have,
So if you can’t spare a dollar,
At least spare a thought.
Tell the world,
Spread the word,
Sell your aid to the Philippines
By way of your love
Because when a body of water
Sucker punches a body of land,
The only way to recover
Is to have the body of mankind
Lend a hand.


Mafi Grey

A wise man loves to hear himself talk, yet a body of people are mesmerized by his thoughts. Keep up the work and keep protesting the uncountable lost.

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