"wow, she's got better legs than do!"

says some cis girl on youtube

who put a rainbow-colored filter on her profile picture

the day that gay marriage became legal because

Love is Love

and she doesn't know any gay boys yet, but

she would totally want them to get married

and give her shopping advice

and whatever else it is that gay people do


"wow, she's got better legs than I do!"

says a girl who's never actually had to work for it

a girl who isn't in any danger of being attacked just for who she is

a girl who still measures some stranger's beauty

on how well she measures up to cisnormative beauty standards

because a trans woman isn't really a woman

so it's totally okay to abandon the body positivity she occasionally posts about on tumblr

and talk about some trans girl's legs

like they belong on a doll

or maybe a cis girl

because transgender people's bodies are like accesories

that add or subtract to the validity

of their identities


or maybe it's a compliment

but it's not one

that will ever be


This poem is about: 
Our world


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