Wed, 08/19/2015 - 13:05 -- narana

We have all played with legos

Constructing something

We are so proud of

You work so hard to construct the tallest tower

The colors

A lot of yellow

A few blue

And one red

Then someone comes

and knocks it over

The pieces spill across the floors and get mixed up with legos

That weren’t initially a part of the tower

You are left with few standing pieces

And the person who knocked over your

Wonderful tower

Stands over you, waiting to see what you’ll do

You rebuild it

Expect this time

There’s less yellow

A few more blues

And a lot more red.

Anyone could tell it is not the same tower as the one that was

Toppled over

I see myself as that tower

That I constructed myself

People or

My own failures knock me over

And I simply rebuild

After each time I am knocked over

Like the tower

Something Changes

Maybe a little smaller

Or taller

May there is more blue

Or more red

Every time I have to rebuild

I am a little different

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