The Legend of Little Red

Once apon a time in a far away place

There lived a girl with a young pretty face

Little Red was her name 

Stealing from Grandma was her game

You see, Grandma had dementia all day long

Little Red would trick her, even though it was wrong

Little Red would show up to take care of Me-Maw

And steal her jewells, even though it's against the law

Then one day Little Red ran into Dan

He was a wolf but also part man

Dan was hairy with huge yellow stained teeth

He promised he would not eat her because he only eats beef

They discussed the plan, to steal from Me-Maw

Dan didn't want jewels, just her stainless steal saw

Dan crept to the window and gave Me-Maw a scare

He jumped right through it only cutting his hair 

Me-Maw hurdled herself from the bed

Had a heart attack and wound up dead

Little Red was so mad she hit hairy Dan

Dan, part wolf, bit her again and again

He threw her in the oven and turned it in high

Out jumped Little Red and started to cry

She got bit by a wolf and Me-Maw was dead

She ran home and jumped in her bed

Little Red fell fast asleep, very quick you see

She slept in her bed but forgot to lock the door with her key

Dan, half man half wolf, walked right inside

He fell asleep next to her, and died

Little Red woke up and started to yell 

She ran to the the door so fast that she fell

She bumped her head and also died that night

This was really no fairy tale but a story of fright 





This poem is about: 
My family
Guide that inspired this poem: 



Made my whole family laugh!

Thats what it's all about.

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