A Legacy Alzheimer's Could Not Take Away

I watched with a broken heart,

and tears in my eyes,

As my beloved grandmother,

took hold of her eternal prize.

She suffered greatly in this world,

with a disease which robbed her mind.

The woman she use to be,

was gentle, loving and so kind.

As the time ticked rapidly off the clock,

her personality slipped away.

Soon, she was replaced by a stranger,

a woman with nothing to say.

She looked much like my grandmother,

but this woman I did not know.

My heart yearned to spend time,

with the woman who loved me so.

As she took her final breath,

my life changed in many ways.

I began to cherish my loved ones more,

and be intentional about how I spent my days.

I realized through the life she lived,

we all leave a legacy for those we love.

I hope mine is much like my grandmother’s,

always honoring our Father above.

This poem is about: 
My family


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