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What will you remember me by?

The hair out of place or the smile on my face

A sentence in the back of the book

The way I act or the way I look?

Is it the words I say or how I say them

My flaws in myself and how I portray them

Every word and verse

I'm telling you I'm cursed

To always be mistaken for a fool in a clique

And I’m sick of being mindless

For minding my own business

Like a battle for myself

I’m just trying to win this

And I am just as much an oxymoron

As I am perfectly placed

A distinct shadow on the wall

Or a useless waste of space

I am the loud and the quiet

My opinions to my credit

I have always been defiant

And every task I complete

Too afraid to compete

For the fear that my failure will

Make me obsolete.

A quick learner at best

No better than the rest

A jack of all trades who’s afraid

To put their cards to the test

Against the legacy-obsessed

But this jack’s luck can’t back up

Never knowing how they stack up

To the other masters of none

Where failure makes them crack up

Because a reputation is an affirmation

That proves me right or wrong

Every hour spent through tribulations

Never knowing if I’m strong

And maybe it’s too soon to tell

So this is all for naught then

But my legacy doesn’t matter

Because I’ve already been forgotten.



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Our world


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