His smile was contagious 

His arms were so spacious

With his height and his might, 

This boy had me gone

I didn't believe he would hurt me 

He could do no wrong

He was my dude, my man, my baby,

I was his girl, his love, his little pretty lady

We were going to last forever

To gain his love was my endeavor

He must've known how I felt, I told him everyday

How was I supposed to know he didn't and never would feel the same way

Maybe I'm just stupid, ignorant, and hopelessly naive

But I craved his love and I didn't want my babyto leave

I should've left when I realized he wasn't down for the ride

I wasted months and now realize that it wasn't worth my time

He cast me aside like what dinner had leftover

He walked away without a warning, didn't even look over his shoulder

Being treated like I was nothing had me feeling low

I'm loving but I'm not desperate, so I let him go

Now I don't even talk to the boy that was once my world

He's no longer my baby boy and I'm no longer his baby girl

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