Leaving Me


United States
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As the time passes, I find myself searching for you, I can’t remember all the things that I used to, And now it seems you’re slowly fading away, All my memories have not stayed, And now I fear that I am forgetting you.

Is it guilt that makes me so sad? Or is it the fact that I just miss you dad, Your laugh, your voice and your smile, All things I cherished in my memories, But now all I hear is silence, However, the quite is immensely unwelcome, Because in it I fear that I am slowly forgetting you.

I don’t want you to go away, I hold onto these memories intensely, And every day I recollect my brain, Searching for a remembrance of you, Your face, your hands, your arms, I still remember these attributes, Maybe it is through pictures that I recall, But due to this I distress, That I don’t remember it all, And in this I fear that I am slowly forgetting you.

I don’t want to forget, But is it the will, Must I let go of those I love, My heart is screaming no, But my memories seem to deceive me, Because I still find myself forgetting you.

I just want you here with me, And I cherish the day it will come, Where I will see you yet again, And then and there I will rejoice,
Because on that day, I will once again remember you.


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