A leaf spirals down

Glint red-gold

Brittle brown

Above the park pavement.

The children pause

Pensive watching

Still as stone

Observing it fall.

A filigree fire

A dying hope

A simple leaf

A life.

When the breeze picks up

Dark blue howling

Sunlight catching

The leaf is tossed.

It tumbles cloudwise

Control lost

Edges tearing

Then drops violently.

Again and again it flies

Forever free

Imprisoned in wind

Never to kiss the earth.

A golden strand

A rising star

A shade of green

A life.

Then a statue moves

Red mittens

Long hair

Reaching up to the sky.

The leaf falls

Gently landing

Softly slipping
Into her waiting hands.

A piece of self

A scarlet shard

A leaf...

A life.

If you were a falling leaf,

I would catch you.


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