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When I write, my world narrows
The clouds could laugh at me
But I’ll write ‘They seem lovely’
The sun will rise though it’ll stay night for me
My clothes will build a fire and chant

When I write, my eyes are closed
I’ll fly and find Icarus
He’ll ask “How do I get down from here?”
I’ll ponder and determine
Dante will know, so into Hell is where I’ll go
With Virgil he’ll stand, asking about the pope’s crime
I’ll ask them both
Virgil will say: “You must, of course find the sea
And quench the thirst of the sun.”
Dante will say: “But of course, find a mountain,
And lower it to the ground.”
But Icarus will fall regardless of me.

When I write, I can never be sad
Because the words I use
The images I evoke
Take’s less effort than crying
When the farmer throws his cow over a cliff
It takes more effort to say
My love, my heart
Will never find a glove
Will never be whole
It seems harder to doubt the good
Then to see how good people can be

When I write I don’t care about me
I can’t be me without others
Without others I have no voice
To disagree
Without others I have no flowers
To throw into the trash

When I write I hope you
See what I’ve wrote
Think of what I’ve wrote
Felt what I’ve wrote
To just tell me you know that I’ve wrote
To say something, anything! ANYTHING!
Just comment!
The reason I write is so that others can read
So others can interpret, disagree, maybe fall in love with me
But simply its so others will speak.


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