To Leave a Message in a Bottle

To leave a message in a bottle

Amidst the sands of time 

Sitting open to observers

On the beachs of eternity

unharassed by the waves of years.


To build a great tower

Of outlasting beauty

A monument to creativity 

And a pinacle of imagination

To all who stop and look.


To write the ancient tome

That tomorrow's shing knights

Study with care and desperate hope

Of knowledge, long forgotten, 

To fell the dragons of that future day.


To join the cry, though now forgotten

To echo down the specious halls of the clock

To be heard in Wisdom's knell

Along with those ancient ones

Whose days are now upbraided by the young


But if I knew that my bottled message

would sink in time's sands

And be consumed by devouring wave

Forgotten by the generations of the not-yet

Still would I write that ill-fated note


For though I write for the tomorrow

I take joy from the message today

Let tomorrow accept or reject my labours

They are mine all the same

And all the same I will bring them forth.








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