Leave Me To Burn

I want to sing, 
but my vocal chords are charred away
and my lungs are withered and dry.
I want to dance,
but my legs are rotted and mangled.
My body is melting away.
I'm burning from the inside out.
I don't want help out of this consuming fire.
To move, is all that I desire.
But to touch me would be dire..
Because I'm surrounded by the flames.
Engulfed in a burning red, just leave me for dead.
I can't move, I can't even cry out for help.
Just watch as I die.
No matter how much I tried, I was never good enough for this life.
Just watch me burn to ashes.
I doubt there will be any remains left.
So you will have nothing to cry over.
Ignore my silent screams and pleading eyes.
This is what I wanted.
This will be my end.


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