Leave It In The Past

Sun, 07/12/2015 - 09:16 -- Dree

People wonder what my problem is

And of course when I say people I mean my friends

I don't think that I have a problem at all

Cause it's plain to see that its just me being me

But stil I must explain

Why I act this way

Even though its not hard to see 

That I'm just as plain as day

You see my father left when I was only three

For a lady who I always thought was mean

But what do you expect

She broke me family in two

And had me singing the blues

Not ony did the situation break my family in two

But it broke me in two

Broke me down

Ripped me in half

Had me feeling oh so bad

So I did what any other kid would do

After I got done being sad

I got mad

And  said , " To hell with my dad! 

I don't need him in my life!",

He disturbed my peace of mind

And he was always telling me lies

I was so angry with him

And I needed to release my feelings towards him 

So I yelled

I screamed

I cried

And I cursed

Until there was nothing left

I sat, calmed down, and thought

About how funny this was

He really had us fooled

Talking about how he loves me , 

My momma

And my sisters too

How dare he play us that way?!

Like we were his toys

Talking with us as if he cared

Laughing with us as if he was happy

Hugging us as if he wanted to

Hugging me!

Kissing me!

Saying that I'll allways be your babygirl

Niggah please!!

You have the audacity to touch me?!

Be near me ?!

I'm not stupid

I wasn't born yesterday

Yeah I may be young

But look at who's still trying to play these games

Your tricks won't work on me

I know everything about you!

I'm not the fool!

I leave that position open for you

I may be young but I know some things about you

Like how you dragged my mom out of the car 

And kicked her out of the house 

In the middle of cold nights

All of this happening while she was pregnant


You left me when I was only three

Broke my heart in two

Had me singing the blues

Yeah I got issues

But I have them because of you

Just because I have issues though

Doesn't mean i'm going to turn out ike you

You won't ever catch me in jail

Asking for bail

Again I find it funny how you cheated on my mother

With someone who could NEVER hold a candle to her beauty

I advise you to never wed again

Because once you say ' I do'

It's until DEATH do you part

Not until some female spreads her legs apart

My relationship with males haven't been the greatest

Simply because you were the fakiest

I'm so afraid of  getting hurt

That I check any nigga who lurks

But you wouldn't know that

Because when was the last time you were in my life ??

It's amazing how pathetic you look now

All because you regret ever choice you made

We know you miss her

Want her

Desire her

And most likely still love her

I'd tell you that I feel for you

But then I would be lying

So now that you know my story

Yeah, I guess you could say that I have a few probems

But y'al wouldn't  have me any other way

This poem is about: 
My family


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