When God is silent

We cry aloud

'My God, my God

Where are you now?'

But while he speaks

We do not listen

We do not want to

He asks attention

We will not give

What we are asked

Unless we choose

Ourselves the task

For the tasks are not worth it

If we do not benefit

To reach out a hand

Would mean we cannot have it

So forever we hold

our own human hands

Without touching another

We have killed a man

Or perhaps we've killed more

Hundreds or thousands

Of brothers and sister

Who pleaded, who shouted

For a thought, for a prayer

For a hand, for a meal

That someone, that anyone

Would feel what they feel

But we ignore them

Because the TV is on

Because grandma has called

Because our lives go on

What we do not see

Is that we see nothing

What we do not know

Is that we hardly know something

So let us live on

With our hands clasped together

Let our diseased skin

Become flesh-colored leather

For what does it matter

If someone is crying

If nations are starving,

If people are dying

Our day will continue

Their day might not

But it isn't our fault

That something came up


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