Learning to Love

It was last year

I was still young

365 days were done

I was just learning

Just learning to love

I learned, loved, and lost

I gained, hated, and won


I had so much to learn

I had just begun

I learned to speak

I learned to hope

And of course don’t forget

I had learned to love


Love wins

And all lives matter

We all need to love

To show we all matter


Despite you size

Despite you race

Despite you gender

Despite your case


You are a person

You have a heart

We all know love

Yet we are still divided

We are still apart


I learned to love all

And spread like a dove

I wanted to help others

I wanted to be love


Animals, people

Despite who your were

Despite I was young

I was still leaning

Learning to love

This poem is about: 
Our world


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