The Learning


You wear pearls,

A tight lipped smile.

A prim little skirt,

And glazed doe eyes.


You’ll help me with homework!

Just show up to class!

But there’s a child in my belly,

The sibling I always wanted.


You’ve never known rape,

Nor the fear of doors locking,

There’s nothing left in my heart,

But my loss of desire.


Your snatch is still tight,

Your clothes still new,

You prejudice bitch,

You say you were abused too.


You’re not though, I see.

Your eyes are glazed,

You’ve said this before.

Who  was it?


Who was who?

Now I know you’re shit,

And I pray as I leave,

As I walk out the door;


For my darling,

My sister.

If she’s born to this world,

Where will she go?



Wow, great read. Thank you

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