To Learn What Love is I First Had to Learn what Love is not

Pt I. Love Is Not

Lavender means distrust,

I read that in a poem once

  I hadn’t yet it read when I picked flowers for you

Red is the slowest colour

I guess that’s why I always skip to blue

               Mix them together and I get you

When you lay side by side in the grass and wish the sky was was happening to your hearts


 You lose twice

Lavender skies got me blue

Lying lovers laying side by side

Lost once

Pretty lips split like the heavens

Bright red lip stick sticks

Lavender Lighting

Lost twice

Lost you

Pt II. Love is


I was going to carve our names into it,

But when I held my up my knife

You held my hand


Imploring compassionately “Don’t cut the tree

I love you,

you love me,

and love never hurt anybody,

not even a tree”




This poem is about: 
Our world


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