in laying the seeds

Shadow lands, release your veil

         unbind my wings--

                     prepare for flight.

Unravel the lies stitched throughout

         outworn roles

                     return and return through the light.

As when Rumi discovered the our wounds

         as the windows,

     as the portal for beams to bleed in--

I ride steady the wave in trust, no, belief

     in the sea of self-will, my web, I will spin.

I will spin one for me, 

         and a dozen for you

     for the messengers need sprinkle

                              the seed.

In mine, I'll craft knowing, calmness, and trust.

In each one, I'll dissemble the greed.


and gather the trimmings,

         weave them into balls using scraps of hurt and hate.

I'll plant these greed-seeds far and wide

         transmuting the energy; they dissipate.


Inviting in the creation of new webs, a new tongue--

welcome new traveller, 

                                    this trip has just begun.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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