Lay me down

Lay me down

Lay me down like a mother would lay her child

Unwilling to let me out into the wild

For the world is cuel

Knowing the world is the ultimate school

Lay me down

Lay me down as if for the eternal rest

Dying knowing I fulfilled lifes endless quest

Hold me close and never forget my legacy

Because in the end that will be all thats left of me

Lay me down

Lay me down as if you were my lover

Like you believe with every fiber there is no other

Sooth me in your sweet embrace

So i know that ther is no about face

Lay me down

Lay me down as if I were priceless

For I dont feel so very often and we all know emotions are timeless

Please love and cherish every part of me

Because you never know whats going to end my family tree




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