Law of Gravity

Fri, 10/04/2013 - 02:34 -- darine9

we came up from the beach at night

the bridge doomed under a sheet of fog- orange glowing.

the bus horned down the hill like a life size slug storming to get me.

i stood up, staggering with fleet and flight. arms up in surrender.

i was told to just sit down;wave them off.

the raccoons kept staring. a thousand pairs of eyes reflecting off my lights.

i ran but the pavement kept on moving.

we were droogs in the night bending backwards and forwards possessed with heaving laughter.

we pulsated under streetlights.

we melted on walls.

we sat in silence as colorful sweat dribbled down our faces.

our eyes rolled back.

the clock struck midnight as we struggled to count our cash

we ventured to the bus stop and waited.

there, a hopeless man kept on pounding his chest; testosterone flying in the air.

i merely took the greens he offered and left.


i was late for a meeting on the next corner.

the appointment commenced.

a bump of life swept through us. back in the realm we were again.

the bus driver nodded, pupils as big as dimes.

dooms day.

i need to get off on 6th.


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