Law and Order, My Dream

I have dreamed of the world, trying to impact and leave my mark. First I was sure I wanted to be a Psychologist, then a Marine, then a Historian, then a narc. To help everyone, my pride unfurled. To instill some semblance of Law and Order. Despairing at my ever changing thoughts, I sunk into what is called depressive disorder. I channeled my frustrations and lost myself in an on-line game. I thought my future was lost, from which there is no reclaim. Watching the championship game, a winning player talks of his trials and tribulations. It was there that I knew I had failed all my expectations, so I began to apply myself once again. Emerging from the room, my dark den, I applied and was accepted to the U of A.Atlast I thought, the burder of the world of my shoulders would be lifted, the light to a new day. Still unsure of what I was destined or even wanted to be. I, a mere flee, pulled and pushed by the emotional sea. Until I opened my eyes, and did see what I was meant to be. The warder of good, it was then I understood. My calling was to be a criminal prosecutor, I felt it to my core and I from then on always knew that no matter which way you go down the stream, you are always able to dream. 


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