Law and Order

Vice grip on poultry lipsMade to pierce the bleeding eyeOf the beholder.White teeth gritted Against a black backgroundWith no sound to be heard.Pinch the Carotid Artery Close the doorsTo freedom.Squeeze out every beatEvery shimmer, every pumpLet it course through.Flip the switch of justiceAnd have cold metalGraft the skin into one future.Where Red bleeds for blueAnd blue bleeds for blackWhen the dead cease to rise.Because their legs are butWithered sticksInching closer yet further away.Because their feet Are smothered with the blood Of their people. Their toes crushed and tiredTheir soles ripped into jaggedUnearthly pieces of meat. When does the violence end? When does hatred turn to peace? 







This poem is about: 
Our world


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