Lava and Stone

They all tell you you have to love yourself before you can love another

But that was so hard for her
Seeing as she didn't know exactly what love was
But was that really it?
Was that really her downfall?
For the world is very twisted
Some lessons teach us the wrong habits 
Because her heart was full of love
So much so 
But wait
Why is she so alone
When her heart contains everything the world craves
Because no one loved her
The way she could love
She hid the love
Suppressed the love
That boiled and erupted from her heart
She decided that it wasn't there
Others told her that she was incapable
She was convinced she had a heart of stone
And then it became just that
All she needed
Was someone to fall
To fall for the way her face was never absent of a smile
The way her green eyes shined in the sunlight
The way her body curved when she was uncovered
The way her mind danced and explored the world
The way her heart had the capacity to do such amazing and wonderful things
And you're telling me that I don't love myself?
I knew how to love
But the world teaches hate
I thought I was different
But it was the world who should be behind the gate
Compacting, denying the love killed me
Shutting down my heart, shut down my life
Depression, eating disorder, suicidal thoughts
All because I let you lead me to believe that my love was not normal
Tell me that I need to love myself
Tell me that I need to be independent
But listen to me
I am suffocating, starving, dying
Because I need a heart to love me back
I need a heart to love
I need a mind to love
I need a body to love
Because I don't need another to complete me
I need another to pour my love out on
Because my hearts about to burst
And boy do I hope that you've learned
To turn off the hate
To replenish the love
Because in this life
You either love 
Or you're dead


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