Joyous Laughter
Laughter that can be enjoyed by everyone
Laughter that can make you laugh
Laughter that can make you feel included
A drunk
Student in disguise
A beautiful girl
With a hidden addiction
But with a smile
She laughs
A student
Addict in disguise
Waiting for a something to strike her
To make her laugh
She frowns
The addict and student wait
Wait for something to make them laugh
Something hilarious that will help get through the day
Something that will make them feel good
Something that will fill their never ending need
Something that will make them laugh
The laughter lasts a few minutes
Nothing too long
The addict, disguised as a student
Pulls the trigger
The student, disguised as an addict
Jumps off the chair
The two girls die
Very painfully
With great sadness in their hearts
Something that the laughter couldn't cure
But in their dying moments...
They wish they could laugh one last time


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