Late Nights

Late nights

With music in my ears

And demons in my mind,

I feel water filling my lungs,

Weights sitting on my chest

And ropes around my throat.

My mind racing 

And words vomiting from my fingers,

The only thought keeping me alive

Is seeing the stars in your eyes again

One day.

Maybe not today,

Maybe not tomorrow,

But I swear one day,

I will hold you in my arms again.

Tears slipping down my face

As my eyes burn from the screen of my phone,

Yet I type furiously

Words and sentences,

Hoping to describe the thoughts

Held captive in my mind.

Minutes tick by slowly

As I sit alone

No one dares to be up this late,

Not a single soul wants this,

I am the only one

Who craves to put themself through this torture,

This punishment of being alone with my thoughts,

No one to hep me or dry my tears,

But that's okay.

I like my mind when I'm alone

And I let it be wild and free.

With my headphones and furious words,

I can create new and unique worlds

So excuse me

If I sleep in

While you are awake,

And stay up

While you are asleep.

Good night,

Sleep tight,

Sweet dreams friend.

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