Late Night Thoughts

I miss you.

I wish you were next to me,
Holding me as I cry into my pillow,
But all I have to hold me now
Are these blankets
In their weak attempt to keep me warm. 
Are you warm love?
I know you are always cold.
I shiver at some of my thoughts.
Chills race through my body,
As I pull my blankets tighter around me.
I know it’s a security thing
I have going with these blankets;
The reason I must be covered completely
From the tip of my toes
To my chin.
In my sleep,
I cover my head too,
If I hear noises.
Silent voices whisper in my ear
Empty threats of separating.
In my eyes, I play back the separate views.
I’ve seen them fall out of love.
Voices raised too quickly 
To ever hold a conversation,
Too much frustration,
And I hope with every part of me,
We never find ourselves in that situation.
I hope we never fall out of love,
And never get bored with each other,
That we will always miss one another
No matter where we are or what we are doing.
A lot will change over time,
But I need one thing to stay the same.
Something tells me,
That one thing I need
Is our love.
I can only hope that it will remain,
Until forever. 



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