Late at night

        I’m running out of things to do as I lie awake and think,

To drink to ration out my thoughts no real time to blink. 

My stupid mind just leads to paths that only end in sorrow ,

A drunken path that lends to make me borrow. 

That in the end I fuck things up so quickly, the only ones that seem to care end up leaving so swiftly .

I lay awake at 4 am in search of things to change,

Not able to sleep , only time to think , of reasons that I am so strange.

A drunken thought just leads to others to blame, 

Like it’s not me, when In reality I’m the one that puts my name to shame.

I want to stop but I cannot, I feel so alone 

As I sit upon a miserable throne.

I begin to think why am I here 

Maybe I just need to disappear.


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