Late Again

-Late Again

As I run away from the type stereo, the more I am fading in. And the more I stiff arm the norm the more I equip myself and others for reform. For a new found freedom. I'm asking my people of all color to detatch from dependence I'm asking all to believe in. Thy self. Homeless. Mother younger siblings and myself. Hands of hills and valleys life dealt. Not smooth but violent turbulence my flights felt. On the word to word I'm really smooth like felt. My true runs deep and'll kelp. Back then I'd be house a nigga' , light help. These days I'm an advocate, I have dreams. I might help. I know I can be the ultimate angler, fisherman of fishermans, making widescale
dif-fer-ence'. I'm most certain.. this spoken will be seen but unheard like theatre curtain. I'm glad to have shared and shed light and maybe to those that are searchin. I vowed to travel, and I've been different eva' since. I didn't waste these words on you. I did this for Vince. Me. I'm hopeful for my future. Blind to the negative. Success I'd rather see. I hope my words have moved someone in some mannah' I'm confident in my radiance, that stronger than gamma.

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