Last Wish

If I knew that I would have one last Christmas with you.I wouldv'e helped you put up the tree and spent time with you in the kitchen.I wouldn't have made a fuss about helping you clean or running errands.If only I knew that this Mother's Day would be your last.I wouldve sent you the finest flowers, written you this letter & reminiscedover pictures from the past.Oh how I wish I knew, that I'd only have 20 years with you, I wouldv'e hugged you everyday and told you I wouldn't have it any other waybecause you as my mom was the greatest honor of all. I wish I knew.I wouldv'e put my teenage drama aside and instead of worrying bout some boywho stayed less than a year. I wouldv'e stayed by your side & and comforted yourfears.I wish you knew that I wasn't mad at you but I was just afraid of losing you.You was the most intriscally beautiful women I've ever known and I wish I could tell you this to your face instead of writing it down. But I know that God made a special place for beautiful people like you.And your okay and one day I will be too. I love you.I miss you.And I'll see you soon.

This poem is about: 
My family


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