The Last Winter

People are sending and receiving gifts and letters
Some are visiting their loved ones in late December
It is the coldest but happiest season of the year

Shoppers are in the supermarkets and the stores
Greeting cards and wrapping papers are on the racks
And everyone is pushing a trolley full of groceries

Taxicabs are zooming up and down the busy streets
Some people are just lingering on the sidewalks
They are all wearing woolly sweater and fluffy mittens

Sleigh bells are ringing all over the neighbourhood
And pairs of agile horses are pulling shiny sleds
Little children are running and playing in the snow

Two bottles of red wine are chilling in the refrigerator
A fruit cake and a jug of sorrel are on the table
And the spicy turkey in the oven sure smells good!

There is an old fireplace to warm my hands and feet
Is it so cosy in the wintertime all around the world?
I suppose it depends on the tradition of the people

As I look at the picture of my beloved on the wall,
I reflect on the last winter we held each other’s hand
And I hear a choir singing a carol in the cathedral

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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