this is the last time

Fri, 11/02/2018 - 15:40 -- ross217

 It was pathetic 

the way he had to handle it 

the situation 

the missing phone 

our mom's phone

my sister took it

said she needed it

but in teary red eyes behind her morena  face and straight black certain hair 

she was hiding something 

anyways dad stormed us frisked our belongings as if we smuggling  drugs 

yelled screamed threats 

pounded for the answer

that's when he turned to me 

i don't have the phone but it's stupid that he making a big deal out of it 

of course, I say the truth but I sound nervous and scared like I'm guilty all over

I'm trying to pretend I'm cool but it's so not working 

i turn to leave

then that's when it gets the broom and 

says where is it 

as jams the broom head behind 

i stand up right up his face 

all in tears fears 

red in the face

anger and through my snared teeth and wide eyes 

"don't you ever hit me like that don't hit me ever again "

after years of being told to step up to a bully

and being told to defend my self and just never let it be 

and to see that it's just wrong to live like this

i actually listed to that 

i was already in middle school grown out of small hands then 

and since then he never layed a hand on me 




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My family
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