last night pisces

Wed, 09/09/2015 - 23:04 -- santana

the thought of losing someone you love forever, is a feeling that never goes away.

you can’t even explain the way it makes

your heart ache,

mind race and

body shake.

i don’t want to let go of you, ever.


last night you asked me if someone handed me a book about my life, would I read it til the end.

i told you no.

i wouldn’t even read the page of tomorrow because I don’t wanna know if that will be the day that you leave me.

i can’t imagine ever letting you go.


the laughs we share, the way you care and how

amazing your eyes look when you smile.

haven’t seen that face in a while but you stay imprinted in my mind.

i’ll admit i’m scared to death that you’ll leave me behind.

i can’t let you fade away,

i’m so fearful that i’ll forget the sound of your voice.


the thought of losing you before you knew how much you mean to me, and how much i love you is my biggest fear.

it hits me so damn hard in the gut because just

last night, i had a feeling that i could lose you at any moment without warning.


this morning you got into a car accident.

i’m relieved that you’re fine, but thinking about what could have been,

was something that i predicted and it blows my mind.

i beg of you not to leave me behind.


if i could stop time and rewind, i would.

i’d make the most of the times we spent together and i’d make you laugh harder,

because i know how much you already suffer.


life doesn’t stop for anyone, it is fleeting.

i can hardly keep up.

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